What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

Posted by TalentHub on 4:03 pm in Blog, General Advice

Bored businesswomanWe’ve all had those days where it seems all productivity has come to an abrupt halt. Suddenly you realize that you’ve finished all the work you can do at the moment and you have nothing to do. That may sound like a good thing, but it won’t be long before boredom sets in and you’re dying for some task to pass the time. Luckily, there are things you can do to make time fly by and help your future self at the same time.



Pencils and papers and paperclips, oh my! Office supplies can be hard to keep track of while you’re focused on the task at hand. Now that you have some time, why not organize your desk? When you get back to work, everything will be easily accessible and your desk will be like a clear slate.

 If you clean up your desk and still have time left over, you can clean up your computer too. Deleting old emails and files will keep your computer running smoothly and get rid of the clutter on your desktop. When you’re done organizing, your workspace will be ready for any project that comes next, and you’ll be more efficient because you know where everything is.


Sometimes work comes to a stop because you have to wait for someone else to contribute. Whether it’s waiting for an email, a delivery, or someone else’s contribution, it’s frustrating to know that the project isn’t finished but there’s nothing you can do. If this happens, plan out the future steps of the project to get a head start. You can brainstorm ideas that will make those steps go more smoothly and do a better job.  

If you’re not on hold in a project, you can still plan out the rest of your work week. Think of projects you know are coming up in the future and plan ahead so you aren’t overwhelmed during the project. When the time comes, you’ll have a head start and extra time to revise.

Help Out

If you finished all you can do for yourself, ask your coworkers if they need help with what they’re working on. While you have nothing to do at the moment, someone else in the office may be overwhelmed with their workload. Whether it be scanning or filing, you can help them out until you have to work on something else. Your coworker will surely appreciate your help, and will be more likely to help you later on if your roles are reversed.

Ask Your Boss

Explain your situation to your boss or supervisor and ask if there’s anything they need help with. They may give you a project to work on or suggest something you can do until you get back to your original project. This will show your supervisor that you’re eager to work and stay busy. It’s never a bad thing to be on your boss’ good side!

Now you have a way to spend the time while being productive at the same time. Your future self will thank you for getting ahead!


Written by Dariana Baez