The Five Things I Learned From My IT Guy!

The Five Things I Learned From My IT Guy!

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I was extremely frustrated! My computer was slow to start and froze whenever I used it. The breaking point for me came when no matter what I did or which keys I pressed, my computer would refuse to re-start or shut down. That’s when I called the Help Desk Technician and in just about no time he had my computer up and running and taught me some steps and preventative measures to ensure that this would never happen to me again. As I am sure that many people have had these extremely exasperating experiences with their computers, I wanted to share the five most important things I learned from my IT Guy!

Exit Programs and Apps

Always close out of programs and applications that you are not currently using. If you don’t, these programs and apps may be running in the background causing your computer to slow down. Just by doing this, my computer started running faster- almost instantly!

Clear Your Internet History

Your browser automatically stores a log of the websites you have visited recently. This takes up space and memory on your hard drive. Try to clear your internet history at least once a week. For Internet Explorer you need to go to Tools to clear your history, while for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome it’s under the History tab.

Invest in an External Hard Drive

Storing lots of pictures, documents, files, music, etc. on your computer will slow its speed. Purchasing a plug-in external hard drive means you can free up space on your computer. Additionally, if your computer were ever to crash you won’t lose important documents as they will already be backed-up externally.

Say Bye-Bye to Unnecessary Programs

Computers are frequently preloaded with software and applications (such as games) that you may never use. A simple solution is to go to the Control Panel on your PC or application on your Mac and uninstall any programs that you do not need.

Delete Old Emails/Files

It’s a tedious task that we all dread doing, but clearing your computer of any unwanted emails or files on a consistent basis can help our computer run quicker. Schedule a slot for a clean-up of junk emails every two to three days and the process will soon become a force of habit for you- and considerably less burdensome.


Written by Jessica Diaz