The Benefits of Competition

The Benefits of Competition

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The Benefits of Competition

The world of job interviews can be an intense one. It’s not always the most relaxing space (although we did share a few mindful tips to help you get through it earlier this month!), and this is partly due to the intensity of competition. There may be one role, one opportunity and many, many applicants.


But this shouldn’t dissuade you from applying or putting yourself into competition. Competition can be an incredibly healthy way to grow. Put yourself into the running. You may or may not get the new job, but you will almost certainly get these added benefits along the way:


1. It’ll give you a stronger personal mission. Healthy competition is a great way to get clearer on why you want something and how you’re going to achieve it. When you’re in an interview, not only must you have the right skills for the job and a great resume, you must also differentiate yourself from the crowd. So how do you stand out? It’s simple: Be yourself. This is a simple and, yes sometimes difficult, concept. But the truth is, the more you lean into what you care about, who you want to serve and how you intend to make a difference at this company and the world around you, the more you’re going to stand out. Get clear on your personal mission. You may get the job, and you’ll definitely feel more focused and connected to your work.


2. It’ll boost your creativity. When you’re competing for a new job, knowing that there are other people around vying for that same position can be a huge boost to your creativity. If you know there are other people answering interview questions the same way, or with the same sort of experience, it forces you to be think outside of the box. It forces you to think a little bit deeper and avoid the canned response. Just that little bit of competition can help you come up with answers and ideas that maybe you wouldn’t have thought of if you knew you’d get the job.


3. It’ll get you out of a rut. Finding yourself in competition for a job means you can’t take anything for granted. What worked easily enough before in an interview may not work when there are ten other people applying for the job and you’re trying to stand out. This is a great thing! The added pressure will force you to look at old challenges in new ways, and that is a great way to break old habits.


4. It’ll make you live more in the present moment. Any sense of competition brings you right into the present moment. Instead of worrying about what happens next, you have to stay present to do a good job. With other people around you competing for the same position, you can’t be daydreaming or not fully there. Being fully dropped into the moment is a great feeling in every part of your life, and a little competition is a great reminder to help you get there.


5. It’ll refresh your perspective. When you find yourself in competition, you may find that new parts of yourself come to the surface. Perhaps you become more outgoing or more passionate. All of these personality traits emerging during a competitive process can help you remember those are qualities always available to you. If you’ve gotten used to seeing yourself in a certain way, competition reminds you that you can always do more and give more. It also shows you your own resilience. If you let it, competition can be a great way to see yourself in a whole new light.


So don’t shy away from competition. Even if you don’t get what you’re going for, you will be given all of these incredible added benefits just from trying. Ready to dive in and get a new job? Take a look at who we’re searching for this week, and jump into the competition. You can do this!