So You Landed The Job! Now what?

So You Landed The Job! Now what?

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happy employeeYou aced the interviews and got the job. Congratulations! Now learn the secrets on how to keep the position you worked so hard to get by following these six tips:

Nothing is Beneath You

First rule of thumb, never say “That’s not my job”.  So what, if filing was not in your original job description? The employee that is willing to do a job that is considered below his or her role is sure to stand out. Your boss will value the fact you will do whatever it takes to ensure the company is running smoothly.

Step Outside of the Box

If your boss is inundated with projects, he or she may ask you to step in and help out. This is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your talents and show your boss that you have the ability to get the job done. You can also ask for more responsibilities or volunteer to help out on a project without being asked. The employee who shows initiative is bound to get noticed.

Remember to Be Nice

No one wants to be around someone who is mean or negative, so if you want to keep your job be sure to be nice to everyone.  And I mean everyone! The worst thing you can do is be selective in your callousness. If you are a kiss-up to your boss, but mean to the receptionist, the mailroom clerk or anyone who reports to you, word will get around.  You should also steer clear from office gossip and avoid the temptation to criticize your boss or company.

Always Be on Time

Whether it is showing up for work, returning from breaks, going to conferences, or meeting deadlines- never be tardy. This will show your boss that you are responsible and dependable.

Don’t Try to Be Friends With Your Boss

Your boss is not your buddy. He/she is someone that you report to and they will hold you accountable if your work is not up to par. Remember there is a big difference between being friendly and being a friend, so you can be nice, but you need to keep it professional. It’s okay to connect with your boss on LinkedIn, but do not friend request them on Facebook or Instagram. Know your boundaries. Your boss may not be comfortable with you seeing and knowing details of their personal life.

Wait your turn

I am sure you are dreaming up ways on how to quickly move up the corporate ladder. It is great to be ambitious, but you need to slow your roll. Before you ask for a raise or a promotion, you have to take time to prove yourself. You should be in your position for at least one year so that it gives you enough time to show the company what you can do.  Go above and beyond and make yourself indispensable.  You might get promoted before the year, and that’s great! But don’t be discouraged if you don’t. Just remember that you need to wait your turn.


Written by Jessica Diaz