Other Services

Direct Hire

We have designed our permanent division with you in mind: responsive, responsible, experienced and resourceful! Our team of recruiters specialize in media, financial services, legal, insurance, healthcare and information technology. All candidates are pre-screened and pre-qualified. (No surprises)! Our fee structure is fifteen (15) to twenty (20) percent of the annual salary with a full ninety day (90) guarantee.

Payroll Transfer

TalentHub Worldwide offers payrolling and administrative services for part time, full time and non-traditional employees, including contract workers, freelancers, interns, retirees and staff for special projects. As employer of record, we are responsible for required federal and state forms, statutory insurance and tax requirements, including disability, worker’s comp, FICA, unemployment, federal and state tax deposits, garnishments and processing of yearly W-2’s. Your selected candidates, whether large groups or individuals, can be on-boarded in person or electronically.  A great tool to assist you when you have selected someone to work for your company, whether a former employee or consultant, that will not be part of your permanent staff. The candidate is referred to the agency to be processed as an employee of the agency and assigned exclusively to your company. Our vast experience with payroll transfer plans helps create an ease of transfer for both you and your employee.