How To Be An Effective Boss!

How To Be An Effective Boss!

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So you have just been promoted and are now in charge of managing a full staff. Wonderful right? Yes- but also hard! Many people don’t realize how difficult being a boss can be. I mean think about it, when you are the boss you sometimes have to make decisions people won’t like or you have to enforce rules that you yourself don’t always agree with. If you are the boss you have to tell people when they are not performing up to par and sometimes you have to let people go. The decisions that you make have high stakes and when something goes wrong you are held accountable for it even if you are not directly responsible. So with all this in mind, how do you become a successful and effective leader?


Know Your Team
A good boss will get to know his or her employees. Find out about their personal interests or when their birthday is. Ask after their families and share something about a common hobby. People work for money, yes, but they also work for recognition. Show that you care and that you listen. This will help to motivate your employees.

Lead By Example
When you are the boss it important to look and act the part. You cannot reprimand your employees for wearing inappropriate clothing if you show up to work wearing jeans and sneakers every day. (Unless you work in an ultra-casual environment). Make sure that your clothing, hair, jewelry and makeup are appropriate for a work setting. Chances are your employees will dress more professionally if you set the mark. Same thing goes for your work ethic. Be the first one to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave at night. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and do some of the grunt work. If your employees see you working hard, they will work hard too!

Value Your Team
If you are hired in a new management position, it’s never a good idea to go in and fire everyone when you first arrive. A good manager will assess the team they have in place for a few months before implementing any drastic changes. Also try to promote from within and reward your team for a job well done as much as you can. And remember to listen to your employees and consider their ideas. Happy employees make productive employees. And at the end of the day isn’t that what you really want? Remember that your employee’s success is your success. You will have a more successful boss-ship by being supportive and encouraging. Being competitive or domineering will only have your employees fleeing to the nearest exit.

Have The Hard Conversations In Private
Inevitably you are going to be faced with tough situations. You may have to reprimand someone, suspend them or even fire them. Make sure that you have these types of conversations behind closed doors. It is never a good idea to tell someone that they are not doing a good job in front of their peers. Not only will it probably embarrass them or make them angry, it will also promote unnecessary office gossip.


Written by Jessica Diaz