Top 4 Tips When Following Up with Your Recruiter

Top 4 Tips When Following Up with Your Recruiter

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Top 4 Tips When Following Up with Your Recruiter

Following up after a job interview can feel like you’re doing a dance. It can be tricky. You don’t want to be too bold, but you don’t want to come across as uninterested either. This is why working with a recruiter can help relieve the pressure from the job search and solve the eternal question of how to follow up effectively.

Working with a recruiter means having a coach in your corner. Not just that, but having someone who can advocate for you and make sure that the connection between you and your prospective employer gets even stronger once you leave the interview. But here’s the hitch: to create the ultimate dream partnership with your recruiter, you must follow up with them. They’re ready to hear from you and take your career to that next level. But they need to hear from you first.

So here are four tips when following up with your recruiter after your job interview:

1. Don’t just email, give them a ring! It might not always be possible to speak with your recruiter directly, but if you’re able to connect on the phone, you give your recruiter an idea of how well the interview went. That one on one connection after the fact gives them leverage in talking with the employer on your behalf. If you can’t reach them via phone, don’t sweat it. Simply write them an email letting them know how it went. The more they know about your experience, the better they can advocate for you.

2. Always follow up as soon as you can. Many times, recruiters want to hear your take on the interview first! They want to be able to go into the conversation with the employer knowing how to play up your strengths. Many employers will call your recruiter as soon as the meeting has ended, so make sure you’re timely in your follow up.

3. Be clear and concise with your feedback. The clearer you are, the more your recruiter can direct your search toward a place you truly want to go. That being said, keep your feedback concise and to the point. Your recruiter wants to get back to work for you, so make sure you come to them knowing exactly what you loved, and in the chance that the job wasn’t for you, tell them what else you might be looking for instead.

4. Keep the conversation going. The best case scenario after your first interview is another interview or the job itself! Get ahead of the curve and give your recruiters some times you’re available to be reached for another interview or follow up conversation. Keeping the process moving keeps you top of mind for both your recruiter and potential employer. It showcases your ability to be proactive and your desire to land the job. Think ahead and you’ll get ahead.

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter before during your job search, head over to our job listings and get in touch with us. We want to fill our jobs with the highest qualified candidates and connect you with companies where you can thrive. We can’t wait to hear from you!