6 Tips to Strengthen Your Resume

6 Tips to Strengthen Your Resume

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6 Tips to Strengthen Your Resume

Recruiters spend an average of three minutes and 14 seconds on a candidate’s resume, according to a survey by the New College of the Humanities. That same study said that one in five recruiters makes up their mind on a candidate within 60 seconds of reading a candidate’s resume. With stats like that, getting your resume in order will greatly increase your chances of working with a recruiter and finding your next job.

Take 30 minutes and work through these six tips to strengthen your resume and make it stand out to recruiters who are looking to fill jobs like these.:

1. Tailor your resume for the industry’s needs. Of course your experience doesn’t change based on what job you’re applying for, but its relevancy might. If you’re applying for a customer service position, you should be highlighting different qualities than if you’re applying for a literary agency. Scan your experience and pull out the best examples of the qualifications you need to make your resume fit the job requirements.

2. Include relevant metrics. It’s great to say you excel at sales, but putting your sales stats from last month on your resume gives you some serious credibility. Measurable growth is a huge way to show what you’ve done with confidence. It also shows that you care enough to track your progress. Whenever you’re able to include a growth metric, it will only strengthen your resume.

3. Keep it simple. Avoid frilly borders or graphics that distract from your experience. Keep the font easy to read and professional. You should direct the reader’s eyes with even spacing, conformity and a simple layout. Your resume will speak for itself, don’t waste extra time (and distract your recruiter) from seeing your work.

4. Don’t forget unpaid experience. Just because you didn’t make money off of a project, doesn’t mean you didn’t gain valuable skills relevant to the job or industry. Include everything on your resume that has given you the experience you need to be great at a job. That could be anything from an internship to a passion project to a volunteer position. All of these experiences go a long way in describing the kind of worker you are and the kind of qualities you bring to the table.

5. Check your social media accounts. If any of your accounts are public, make sure they’re something you’d be okay with a recruiter or employer finding. More and more, employers look at traces of your personality and work history on the internet. You don’t have to professionalize these accounts, but consider making them private if they’re not something you’d be willing to share with a prospective employer.

6. Cut the fat. Discard any irrelevant experience that detracts from the bigger story your resume is telling. If it doesn’t show your qualifications, your personality, your relevant experience or your growth metrics, consider deleting it. Your resume should be succinct and straightforward. Anything other than that can be cut.

Your resume is your first introduction to a recruiter and employer, so spending a little more time on it now can have a great effect later. Just a few little changes can make a huge difference in your whole job search.

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