6 Easy Steps for Job Success in the New Year

6 Easy Steps for Job Success in the New Year

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6 Easy Steps for Job Success in the New Year

If you don’t think the holidays are a good time to search for a job, think again. Using your holiday time off is a smart and efficient way to make the most out of your break. Employers may be going on vacation, but with a little forethought, you can use your downtime to prep for success in the new year and land your next job.

Here are six ways to successfully prep for your job search in the new year:

1. Freshen up your resume + references. Don’t wait until you find the perfect job to fine tune your resume and update your references. Use this holiday break to make sure you have everything listed that could make you the next best candidate for the job. Did you take on any new roles at your last company? Is there someone you’ve been working with who would be an excellent reference? At the very least, edit what you have and make sure your first impression is a good one.

2. Update + edit your social media accounts. According to Career Builder, 70% of employers do a social screen before calling in candidates. Take some time to make sure your social accounts are professional and positive. Most employers do research, so make sure when they land on your pages, you’re reflecting yourself in the best light.

3. Read one of these books to get you in the right mindset. Worried about those dreaded interview questions? Need to figure out your strengths, purpose and how to network? Choose one or all of these books (Strengthsfinder 2.0, Start With Why, 100 Conversations for Career Success) to read over the holiday and nail your next interview or networking event.

4. Set up a meeting with a recruitment firm. The easiest way to start your new year off strong and get a job is to work with a recruitment firm. Setting yourself up is half the battle, finding the job is the second step, and firms want to help you get placed as fast as possible. Start with TalentHub. Email jeannine@talenthubworldwide.com and london@talenthubworldwide.com to get started.

5. Take stock of all the new skills you learned or old skills you strengthened this year. The end of the year is a great time to make a list of the skills you gained this year. Maybe you are a writer, but picked up editing. Perhaps you learned to code. Or maybe you worked with a larger company and had to manage more projects. Don’t forget to list these new skills, roles and achievements on your resume and tell your recruiter about them.

6. Enjoy your time off to come out of the gate energized. The last thing you can do to successfully prep for finding a job in the new year is to relax. Employers want to see the best version of you, so make sure you’re taking the time to slow down. Getting yourself organized and rested will put you in a great headspace to find your next, amazing job.

Don’t let the holidays keep you from moving forward. Take a few of these steps with you on vacation and start the new year with new motivation and a new job.