5 Easy Tips for More Mindfulness

5 Easy Tips for More Mindfulness

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5 Easy Tips for More Mindfulness

Searching for a new job comes with a lot of moving parts. Your resume has to be ready to go, you need to be ready to give a great interview and you can’t forget the follow up! There can be a never-ending to-do list of items to balance. And that long list can easily overwhelm you if you don’t have systems in place to keep your calm, practice mindfulness and check off all those to-dos. So whether you’re beginning a new job search or even a new job, consider these five tips to bring more mindfulness to your day and keep your cool:


1. Don’t multitask. According to studies, only 2% of people can actually multitask successfully. For the other 98% of us, instead of multitasking, we should be focusing on one task at a time. The more attention you give to the task at hand, the quicker and more thoroughly you’ll accomplish it. So instead of bouncing between the work, your social accounts, answering the phone and back again, do one thing at a time and watch it all get done.


2. Shut off the blue light at night. Another helpful tip in bringing in more mindfulness to your week is to shut off your screens at night. The blue screens on our phones, televisions and computers are wreaking havoc on our circadian rhythms according to a study at Harvard. Just the mindful act of shutting down screens 2-3 hours before you go to bed can have a huge impact on your overall well-being.


3. Meditate. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but meditation is becoming more and more common everywhere from schools to corporate culture. If you want to try meditating but need a little help, try an app like Headspace that guides you through it. If that’s too much, you can always set a timer, sit still and focus on your breath for five minutes. Even that structured moment of calm can have lasting effects on your mood all day long.


4. Batch your emails. One of the most persistent time-sucks is email. You are constantly at the beck and call of your inbox, that is unless you start batching your emails. To batch your emails simply means you check during certain times of the day and that’s it. Set your auto-responder to let others know that you’ll be getting back to them between 10am-12pm or 4pm-6pm so no one’s wondering when they’ll hear from you. And then, only during those specified times, check your email.


5. Take weekends off. Your ability to become mindful and stay mindful during the week correlates strongly to the amount of time you give your brain to play, relax and yes, even get bored. Boredom, or at least the lack of scheduled and structured activity, has been seen to give you more creativity. Structure some time off from work, find some balance and start off a new week with a fresh (and mindful) outlook.


These are just a few tips that can keep your job search a positive one. Don’t forget to check out all the jobs we’re looking to fill every week. Give us a call and let’s start an exciting search for your next job opportunity!